Free Tow Away Service

Free Tow Away Service

Unwanted and Unauthorized Vehicles


At Griffith Towing we specialize in providing tow away services for abandoned or unwanted cars, trucks or trailers on your parking lot or property. We can remove unwanted and unauthorized vehicles from private and commercial property.

Public Property – Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Vacant Lots
Griffith Towing can provide tow away services for abandoned or unwanted cars, trucks or trailers on your parking lot.  We have signage available to post on your property to notify your customers or trespassers of the towing requirements.  Generally, signs for publicly owned or controlled parking facilities need to disclose that unauthorized vehicles will be impounded and must also disclose a phone number for redeeming a vehicle.
Call 662-393-4635 to have a sign placed on your property, at no charge.

Private Property – Apartment Communities, Hospitals, Office Buildings

Griffith Towing can remove abandoned vehicles and trucks from your property at no charge.

Please call 662-393-4635 for tow away information and schedule a pick up. Tow Away Authorization Forms will be provided by the tow operator.





Griffith Towing and Recovery can recover your collateral and deliver it back to you safely and in a timely manner. We can keep you informed, as the recovery takes place, every step of the way.

WE SPECIALIZE IN: Semi-trucks, trailers, RV’s, cars, motorcycles, equipment

We are Bus and RV Specialists!

Griffith Towing can safely transport your vehicle to your home or repair shop. We have equipment that can handle either front or rear towing. We work with major RV clubs and parks.

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